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development diary - Jan 2014

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January 2014

I have no idea how short or long these things will be, but I thought it’ll be a nice attempt to keep myself honest and maintain a development diary so that I’ll be forced to account for my time and actions over the course of the year, one month at a time.

Some items may be a bit cryptic since there will be some projects I’m working on that I’m not quite ready to talk about in specifics, but at least it’ll get some sort of mention. Either way, a progress report is due, so let’s start with January of 2014.

  • core : I’ll cheat a little and bleed into December, but basically I’ve wrapped up some of the major features of the system that I wanted to have in place. It’s working, but as usual, not quite as well as I like. The basics are there, but it’s far from intuitively usable, hence no real announcement. I still need to properly build out a new user module separate from the core module that will stack on top to give the foundation for genuinely starting a bootstrap site.

  • authentication : Not too much here. Just a little cleanup to fix some code that broke the Persona system from working right. Actually, it was the sample that wasn’t working. The backend code catching the Persona requests were just fine.

  • project “ab” : We sat down for an initial chat about what we wanted to get out of the project. Got some servers and logins out of the way and wrote up a quick milestone chart to see when we’ll get to some interesting publicizable code. Let’s see how it goes. Lots to do here.

  • misc : Getting my thoughts in order for what type of projects I want to tackle. I have quite a few in mind, but making myself narrow it down to a handful that I can work on. Some will be just casual tinkering on the side and others will require a little bit more effort. Will have to be careful not to have them bleed out too much time from each other.

I have no idea how long this will last. Image sourced from Red Bonzai