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pediatric massive transfusion protocol

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This is the second medical handout completed.

The task this time was to come up with a clearer simplification of the Pediatric Massive Transfusion Protocol used by medical staff to assess the need for various durg and blood volumes for their pediatric patients during surgery.

The handout is inspired off of a slide from ”Issues in the Management of Pediatric Trauma” by Brian D. Johnston, Chief of Pediatrics, Harborview Medical Center, which in turn is based on the data from Dehmer et. al. Seminars in Pediatric Surgery (2010) 19, 286-291.

We picked a choice of font, colors, and various demarcations to help clearly convey information as would be appropriate for medical staff. As such, appropriate lingo and abbreviations were left in and spaces were provided to account for the blood bank phone number and any contact information needed. The idea is to have this sheet printed and laminated so that the information can be adjusted as needed.

Pertinent use of colors to indicate various severities and a checklist were provided to help staff easily recognize what they need to do at a quick glance. Hopefully this will serve as a valuable quick-glance charting to spot the needed dosages and checklist accomplishments.

As always, you can download the PDF version of the handout on the Pediatric Massive Transfusion Protocol page.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions, or if something like this would be useful for your own use. This project is licensed under CC-BY which simply means that you’re allowed to use it for your own purposes, and if needed, change anything on there to suit your needs. An attribution back to the Pediatric Massive Transfusion Protocol page is appreciated, if only for the purposes of linking back for the latest information should the guidelines change in the future or if we do something new and improved. But I’ll leave that part as a recommendation rather than a requirement.

If you need a ready-to-print version that instead uses your own institution or organization specific drug dosages, feel free to contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.