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hackday micro event

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hack what?

Deja vu? Go read the HackDay post. Then come back. It should make sense. Cause we’re going to run one.

Now. Culminating on Friday, October 12th.

Normally, I would start the planning process for a HackDay a few months in advance. Spend a good amount of time building a website, preparing content, gathering sponsors, figuring out contests, getting in touch with interesting groups and projects, looking to see what APIs can be featured, what lessons should be taught and so on and so forth.

This time, none of that. Maybe next time. Hence the micro moniker.

We’re just going to wing it. Friday. October 12th. Yes, this week. Yes, this Friday.

I’m doing this to mainly get myself moving, but I figured it may as well benefit anyone else that may be a little stuck at the moment. So why not have a little crowdsourcing fun behind an activity? Oh, coincidentally there is a HackDay that runs annually right around this time. Most of you who read this should already know that :).

But for the rest, consider this your call for participation.


Just go ahead and do something. Create something. Work on a project. Study a topic. Learn something new. Start a hack. Then post about it. Use the #hackday hashtag.

Tweet it. Google+ it. Whatever you like. Bonus points for CC’ing one of those accounts (). If you want to reference this post, you can use this:

by Friday!

That’s all. Nothing special. No pressure. Just an acknowledgement of participation. If you’re going to do this inside of a company and can’t really post about what you’re actually doing, that’s fine. Just use the #hackday hashtag and indicate that you’re doing something. It’s just meant as a way for us to get a sense of something happening that people can tangibly see.

So start something and see where it takes you!


1. Do something between now and Friday
2. Talk about it using the #hackday hashtag
3. Look at what others are doing and comment, encourage, respond
4. Goto 1


5. Have fun!


6. Um, spread the word? Thanks!
7. Join the Google+ Event: HackDay Micro Event on October 12th, 2012.

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