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And it’s pointless to spend it worrying about what you could do or what you should do or what you want to do instead of simply going out there and doing it. So here we are. I’m rebooting this blog. The old content was crap anyway. I’ve been pondering when and how and what I should use and if whatever I choose would be good enough… but in the end, really, the framework doesn’t matter so long at it at least has some semblance of coherence to it.

So for this reboot, I picked Octopress. The obvious reason is that I like to tinker with things… or rather I pretend I do. I just wanted to experiment with something off the beaten path because sometimes sticking to the norm just doesn’t allow you to experience the new and different. So at least this is my attempt at trying to do something different. And maybe it’ll get me in touch with a little bit of the new fangled stuff like git and ruby.

A little about what you will see here. It’s going to be mostly technical stuff, work and non work related, that I find interesting, explored, have questions about, or in general, and most likely, just want to see if anyone out there might be in a similar position. I work as a “software engineer” by profession, but I dabble in the black arts of communication and even UI stuff from time to time. It really depends on what catches my interest at the moment. I tend to try to be diverse in my interests, but unfortunately I find myself falling back way too often on what I know instead of what I should know. I want to change that, and part of that want is to do something like this where I can just write, easily and quickly, to try out new ideas and push out new content so that I can find interaction and get some feedback.

So don’t be shy, which is exactly what I’m trying to do too. Leave a comment, drop a note, let’s chat about things that interest us. Educate me on what you know, cause god knows I don’t know much. Which brings me full circle to why I’m here: time is short, and I want to learn and explore.