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I’m resetting my workflow.

I’ve spent way too many years in an insulated environment cut off from how things are working on the outside. Or rather, it’s not that I was cut off, I was able to get away with not having to integrate myself with how the real world outside does things. I got complacent.

So I’m atoning for my sins. I need a clean slate and I have to relearn a few things to get my footing back on track. So I’m going to see what’s out there now, what I should learn and what I need to pick up. Not everything will be things I need, but I’ll probably dump some tidbits that I found interesting enough to share, whether I end up using it or not. So if you’re in the same boat, or know of some neat tools, feel free to chime in.

I’m hoping that these types of aggregate posts will be a regular injection once in a while in the tech category. We’ll see how well I keep up with it :).

So, today, a little chrome love. I switched away from FF a while ago and it’s just been a superb browser to work in. I should give FF a try again to see what progress it’s made, but for now, my primary work and play browser is certainly Chrome(s/e/ium).

Get some Chrome/Chromium/Canary:

Once you have Chrome:

  • Go to chrome://flags/ to experiment and explore some settings. If you’re a developer, be sure to enable “Enable Developer Tools Experiments” to get additional option in your Developer Tools console (Ctrl-Shift-i).

  • Add if you want to be able to save changes made in the dev tools back to the original source files. Pretty neat.

  • Leverage multiple profiles to enable debugging as different users. h/t to Addy Osmani

  • Go watch some ”The Breakpoint”. Seems to be a good series with interesting developer oriented content straight from the Google Chrome folks. Also the source and trigger for the content of this post.

there’s so much out there… so much.